Krotz Springs Refinery- Safety & Environmental


The Krotz Springs Refinery is an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) certified Volunteer Protection Program (VPP) Star Site with premier Health Safety and Environmental (HS&E) operations.



Due to ongoing efforts to minimize waste and prevent pollution, the Krotz Springs Refinery was awarded the Governor’s Pollution Prevention Excellence Award in 2005.  Much of our waste reduction efforts have been through the recycling of material that was formerly disposed of by reusing it as feedstock in other refineries.  Air emission reductions at the refinery have been obtained through the implementation of numerous programs and systems designed to eliminate and/or control air emissions. 

The Krotz Springs Refinery team has also been actively supporting reductions in accidental spills and releases for many years, with a reduction of 85% in reportable releases since 2003.  Much of our focus has been on implementing actions to prevent or at least minimize emissions to our flares.  Other efforts to reduce oil leaks and spills have also contributed to this reduction.