Krotz Springs Refinery

  • Location: Krotz Springs, Louisiana
  • Throughput capacity: 74,000 barrels per day
  • Products: gasoline, diesel fuels, petrochemicals and heavy products

Acquired in July 2008, the Alon refinery in Krotz Springs, Louisiana, is a highly reliable facility that ranks operationally among the lowest-cost refineries in the United States. With a crude capacity of 74,000 barrels per day, the refinery provides a high light-product yield, with light fuels accounting for 96% of total production.

The Krotz Springs Refinery offers direct access to the Colonial products pipeline and is strategically located to service multiple demand centers in the Mississippi Valley, in the Southeast and on the East Coast. Located on the Atchafalaya River, the refinery has the capability to receive crude through two ExxonMobil pipelines with access to St. James logistics, crude barges and local trucks.