California Refineries – Safety & Environmental


Safety is a top priority at Alon’s California refineries, which is why our team continues to receive recognition from the National Petroleum Refiner Association for improving and maintaining high safety standards and low OSHA recordable rates.



Our California refineries operate in compliance with some of the most stringent environmental requirements in the nation.  The California refineries have exceeded compliance requirements in several areas, to reduce potential impacts on our neighbors, by controlling potential odors, emissions and noise.  Some of the projects undertaken to eliminate off property impacts include installation of tank and loading rack vapor controls on hot asphalt tanks and loading racks throughout the Paramount Refinery and installation of SOx and particulate control on the Asphalt Plant incinerators.  NOx and SOx emissions from heaters and boilers in the California refineries are significantly lower than any other local refineries on a per barrel basis. 

We continue to implement improvement projects to further lower emissions from our refineries.  Additionally, we have essentially eliminated flare emissions, except in cases of startup, shutdown or malfunction, and flare emissions are continuously monitored to ensure compliance with these parameters.