Big Spring Refinery-Safety & Environmental


The Big Spring Refinery has implemented several initiatives to enhance both occupational and process safety. These initiatives include a rigorous review of operating procedures and safe work practices, focused training, frequent field and work site assessments, mandatory pre-job safety analysis reviews, frequent and through inspections of process equipment, and a dedicated reliability and preventive maintenance program. A central safety committee comprised of represented and salaried employees from multiple disciplines provide direction and oversight to support these safety initiatives.



The Big Spring Refinery strives to go beyond environmental compliance to environmental excellence. Through the efforts of practices and procedures that are implemented at each facility, Alon has continued to meet the commitment of being an environmentally sound company. Recent projects to reduce facility and product emissions include: 

  • Installation of a second tail gas treatment unit at the sulfur recovery complex, which increased the facility’s sulfur removal efficiency to 99.8%
  • Upgrade to the Diesel Hydrotreater reduced the sulfur in finished diesel by 97%
  • Upgrade to the Gasoline Hydrotreater reduced sulfur in finished gasoline by 90%