In addition to gasoline and distillates, Alon’s California and Big Spring refineries are capable of producing significant quantities of vacuum tower bottoms (“VTB”), which can be utilized to produce asphalt. The company’s asphalt marketing segment produces and sells asphalt in the following primary forms and applications:

  • Paving asphalt for road and materials manufacturers and highway construction/maintenance contractors
  • Ground Tire Rubber (GTR), polymer modified or emulsion asphalt for highway maintenance contractors
  • Roofing asphalt for roofing shingle manufacturers or other industrial users
  • One of the largest suppliers of high-performance asphalt products in the country, Alon operates a fully integrated network of asphalt facilities from Texas to the West Coast.


Paramount Asphalt

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Through our subsidiary, Paramount Asphalt, we offer an extensive product line with more than 100 grades of roofing and paving solutions, including conventional asphalt, emulsions, tire rubber and polymer modified asphalt products, to meet specialty needs across the U.S.

Green Asphalt: The tire technology for greener, longer lasting and quieter roads

Asphalt is a simple petroleum product that offers significant environmental benefits. The largest manufacturer of ground tire rubber binder in the country, Paramount Asphalt recognizes and supports the recycling of tires for use in various asphalt paving applications. Our terminal, rubberized asphalt products use an innovative engineering solution to utilize scrap tires for improving the life cycle of pavement.  These asphalt products also require less energy to make and sequester harmful greenhouse gases, whereas other construction materials actually add CO2 to our environment.

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